If you have read our other articles, you know already that your website will be discovered by Google and other search engines automatically. The website will then appear in a list of search results for terms that are in your site. Did you know that you can also get your site to be listed ahead of all of the others in Google and some other search engines, by bidding on ads using Google’s AdWords service? Your ad can be at the very top of results, the first seen of any listing, if you out-bid other advertisers. The service can actually be very inexpensive. You choose the length of time you want your ad “campaign” to continue running, and the amount of money to budget. You can control the amount budgeted per-ad, set a spending limit for the ad campaign, and even set a daily budget maximum. When you specify a higher cost per ad, then your ad will appear more prominently for the same target terms than ads which are bid at a lower cost. Note: you can pay less for an equivalent position by creating a high-quality ad, linking to a high-quality site. The Quality Score page should tell you everything you need to know about this. How effective can this be for your business? Let’s try some simple math. Suppose you have run an AdWords campaign and spent $50. You may have spent the $50 over 3 days in an advertising blitz for an upcoming special offer, or over a month to gradually build your customer base. If you have just two people patronize your business as a result of the ads they saw, and over the life of your business you earn $500 in fees from them after your expenses, then you have made $450 from the one AdWords campaign. Longer campaigns or multiple campaigns spread out over time can have much more effect. It is up to you how to budget the pace of the ads (so that you do not take in too many new customers in a short time span) and the cost. You […]